The Club Uniti Points Collection (hereinafter, for the sake of brevity, this initiative will simply be called the Points Collection) is an initiative conceived and managed by Office Network Italia Srl with headquarters in Via Giuseppe Prina 5 - 20154 Milan (hereinafter, for brevity, also Office Network Italy) which offers privileges and advantages, pursuant to this regulation, to Customers registered with the United Club (hereinafter Customers or Customer).

The Points Collection starts from the Customer's registration date in the Club Uniti.

Participation in the Points Collection is subject to these regulations.


All individuals enrolled in the Club Uniti who are over 18 years of age can participate in the Points Collection provided they are resident in Italy, the European Union or the United States of America.

Membership in the Club Uniti is FREE and can take place in the following ways:

(i) In Associated Stores (from now on also Stores), through our Promoters;

(ii) On the Website through the following Registration Form.


After registering, the Customer will receive a personal Virtual Card with Name, Surname and Card Number. In order to obtain the benefits recognized by participating in the Points Collection, the Virtual Card must always be presented by the Customer before purchasing the goods and / or services at the Stores.

The Virtual Card is registered and can only be used by the Customer who owns it.

It is not possible to register multiple people for the same Virtual Card.

Each registration is nominative and contains the personal data provided by the Customer who is obliged to communicate any changes relating to them in writing to Office Network Italia.

Each customer participating in the initiative has the right to only one Virtual Card.

The Customer who owns the Virtual Card guarantees to all legal effects the accuracy and truthfulness of all the information provided and is solely and exclusively responsible for it.

The data provided by the Customers will be part of an archive aimed at the optimal management of the Points Collection. This archive is managed by Office Network Italia pursuant to EU Regulation 679/2016 which guarantees its use exclusively for the purposes referred to in this regulation and to fulfill the obligations assumed towards the members of the Points Collection.

Participation in the Points Collection is and will be subject to the continuation and compliance with all the conditions / clauses contained in these Regulations. Office Network Italia reserves the right to cancel the Customer's enrollment in the absence of only one of the same, as well as in the case of non-compliance with the same clauses / conditions.

In case of loss or theft of the Virtual Card, the Customer is obliged to promptly inform the Customer via e-mail at to request the blocking of the lost Card and, at the same time, request the reissue of the Virtual Card on which, after verification, the balance of the points previously accumulated will be transferred later. In this case, the Customer will receive a new Virtual Card. Office Network Italia will not be responsible for any fraudulent use of the lost or stolen Virtual Card, which occurred before the aforementioned communication.


Club points are the basic unit of calculation used by Office Network Italia for the collection of points. The Card Number of each Customer corresponds to a reserved page on which the Club Points accumulated through the registration of purchases in the Points of Sale, or in the Club Uniti Product Catalog will be loaded.

Collecting Club Points is very simple.

After registering the purchases made, the Customer will receive Club Points in the amount of 1 (one) Point for every 1.00 (one) Euro of expenditure. Double points for purchases made in the Club Uniti Product Catalog. Club Points accumulated by the Customer are not transferable to other Customers.

Any scores dedicated to particular initiatives or special purchase operations will be made public through specific pages published in traditional media and / or on the Internet site at

To obtain the Club Points in the Associated Stores it is necessary to show the Virtual Card before payment and request the receipt. The receipt issued by the Associated Stores must be sent to our Customer Service via the Site Chat or by E-mail.

Documentation relating to operations carried out on dates prior to that of registration with the Club Uniti is not accepted.

In the event of withdrawal or termination of the contracts that gave rise to the awarding of Club Points, Customers will no longer be entitled to obtain the aforementioned Points. In this case, the Club Points already assigned after the withdrawal or termination date will be deducted from the total of the Points.

Customers can accumulate Club Points only for the operations they carry out.

With regard to goods or services provided or made available by the Partners on the website, the rules established by them apply.

Purchases of goods and / or services subject to different prize operations or special initiatives do not entitle to the Club Points unless otherwise communicated from time to time.

In consideration of particular discounts or prices applied to goods and / or services, of Office Network Italia or of Partners, purchases may not entitle the crediting of Club Points.

In any case, free purchases are not eligible for Club Points accreditation. These conditions are considered mandatory and therefore the Club Points acquired in violation of the same will be canceled.

The aforementioned criteria for allocating Club Points may be subject to changes and cancellations at any time without notice to Customers and will be communicated pursuant to the following art. 3.12.

Office Network Italia reserves the right to recognize additional Club Points on the occasion of specific promotional campaigns by communicating it in writing with the tools deemed most suitable by the same (e-mail, promotional communications, internet publications, advertising flyers or other).

Any services provided and products offered by the Partner Companies that entitle to Club Points will be indicated on the specific Internet pages established by Office Network Italia.

Any Point Collection Partners are solely responsible for the conditions relating to the use of their services or products. The Customer who wishes to use the services / products of the Partners is required to check the conditions in force with the latter.

Office Network Italia declines all responsibility regarding the services / products offered by the Partners. Any complaints must be addressed directly to the interested Partners.

Club Points cannot be traded or converted into cash.

After each purchase, the Customer will receive the balance of the Club Points accumulated at the e-mail address communicated to Office Network Italia. In the event of discrepancies between what appears to the Customer and Office Network Italy, the results of the latter are authentic, without prejudice to the possibility for the Customer to certify, with suitable documents that entitle Club Points, the purchases made personally by the Customer same at the Stores.

Office Network Italia can cancel any Club Points wrongly credited, informing the Customer concerned.


To date, each Club Point has a value of 0.01 Euro (1 euro cent). With the value of the Club Points you can request Purchase Vouchers that can only be used to make subsequent purchases in the Product Catalog of the Internet site

Only Customers registered with the Club Uniti are eligible for the accumulated Club Point Value.

The Club Point Value is available for the entire period of membership in the Club Uniti.

In the event of the organization of prize transactions, the conditions of participation will be published or communicated from time to time in writing by Office Network Italia. In this case, unless otherwise communicated in writing, the value of the Club Points cannot be changed with other Rewards of different nature, nor can a cash value be requested. In case of loss / theft of a Prize, no refund or reintegration is foreseen. For the regulation of any licenses or general conditions of use or purchase of goods or services in Prize, however, what is provided from time to time in writing for the individual transactions applies.


Office Network Italia undertakes to inform customers about the offers to them reserved for its own products and / or services, for companies of the Office Network Group and / or for partner companies. This information will be published on the Club Uniti website and / or, depending on the data provided by the customer at the time of registration, the aforementioned information may be communicated by telephone, sent by ordinary mail to the home, by e-mail to the address e-mail or text message to mobile phone.

The data controllers are Office Network Italia and the Associated Stores where the registration was made. Customers' personal data will be processed both manually and through electronic processors and application software in order to manage the participation of the Customers in the Points Collection and the related accounting of the Points and in order to fulfill the contractual, regulatory and regulatory obligations imposed on the Office Network Italia and the Points of Sale pursuant to these Regulations as well as, possibly, in order to detect the degree of customer satisfaction. Customers' personal data will be processed by staff of Office Network Italia and of Stores expressly appointed. The data communications will be limited to what is strictly necessary in order to allow the correct management of the Points Collection, the promotional communications, the possible delivery of the Rewards and the possible verification concerning the ownership of the Virtual Card and the validity of the Points. Personal data, therefore, can only be communicated to companies of the Office Network Group, to the Stores where the Customer will present the Virtual Card, possibly to the Partners participating in the Points Collection and to the companies responsible for fulfilling contractual or regulatory obligations or who manage services relating to the Points Collection (including, but not limited to, promotional communications, data standardization, mailing and call centers to provide permitted documents or information services) the contact details of these companies will be made available to the interested party who requests them. Personal data will not be disclosed or transferred abroad. The data requested through the Club Uniti registration forms, personal data, home address, e-mail address and mobile phone number, are necessary to allow the fulfillment of contractual and regulatory obligations to charged to Office Network Italy and the Stores; failure to provide such data, therefore, will exempt Office Network Italia and the Stores from fulfilling their obligations. Finally, the Customer is informed that the EU Regulation 679/2016 recognizes certain rights to be carefully considered; among these, the rights are summarized: to obtain information about the data concerning him; to obtain the cancellation, blocking, updating, correction, integration, as well as the attestation that these operations have been brought to the attention of those to whom the personal data have been communicated; to object to the processing of your personal data for legitimate reasons; to oppose the treatments carried out for mere commercial, advertising or market research purposes, or to oppose the sending of informative material (for more complete information on your rights:

For any further information, the Customer may send communications to Office Network Italia Srl at the e-mail address


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